Flying…Lumilipad, Swimming…Lumalangoy

Flying…Lumilipad, Swimming…Lumalangoy

(On Some Philippine Fishes and Their Local Names)

In the previous issue we cited some Philippine birds and their local names. Now, let’s get “fishy” and learn the Filipino names of some species of fish commonly found in the Philippines.

anchovy – dilis
catfish – hitò
eel – igat
flying fish – borador
grouper – lapu-lapu
milkfish – bangus
mudfish – dalag
ponyfish / slipmouth fish – sapsap
ray – page
sardines – sardinas
shark – patíng
skipjack tuna – tulingan
Spanish mackerel – tanigue
swordfish – espada
trevally – talakitok
tuna – bariles
whale shark – butandíng

The Last Leaf
Fish and other seafood are an essential part of Philippine cuisine, simply because the Philippines is an archipelago; meaning, it is a country comprised by a group of islands surrounded by bodies of water, so fish has become a staple meat and fishing a source of livelihood particularly for folks living near the coastlines.


Fil Fish Names –
(from left to right, top to bottom: grouper, swordfish, milkfish, mako shark, mudfish, catfish, trevally, eel, anchovy, sardines, ponyfish, ray, mackerel)