Talisay Fiesta Celebration 2016

Talisay Fiesta Celebration 2016

by Rowena Hernandez

Every year, people from different parts of Talisay, Batangas who have taken the chance to migrate to Winnipeg come together for a night to celebrate the feast of the patron Saint of Talisay, San Guillermo (Saint William). This year in particular, was the 40th anniversary of the Talisay Association of Manitoba, the founder of the Talisay Fiesta. More than 500 people came including children. They came to share together not only their favorite dish but the gift of their personhood, their time, talents and resources. How exciting it was to see common friends and relatives around, connect and create memories of a lifetime.

It’s more than a blessing to open the celebration of the Fiesta with a Thanksgiving Mass celebrated and offered by the former Assistant Parish Priest of Talisay way back 2003-2007, Rev. Fr. Jose Pedro Fernando (Randy) Sudario. He voluntarily came to Winnipeg directly from the Philippines to celebrate with the Talisenio’s of Manitoba. The traditional “Prusisyon” was done after the Mass while reading the life of St. William to remind Talisenios of his life and for the younger generation to know the Patron Saint and how they could mirror his life and become their inspiration.

This was followed by an open buffet. The program continued with the emcees, Noriel and Rowena announcing performers such as dance number from Talisay Kids and Talisay Girls, song number from Ms. Tessie Garcia and Dra. Femie Babao who showed off their talents and entertained the crowd. Mr. Glen Naquila and the Blenk Band serenaded the former Mr. & Ms. Talisay, Alyssa Terrible and Jerrod Alcantara as well as the current Mr. & Ms. Talisay, Cybil Keith Garcia and Jericho Anthony Vero. The night also included an open dancefloor and numerous raffles consisting very generous prizes donated by sponsors and donors. A special thanks goes out to those who helped out in the event, for sacrificing time out of their lives to make this occasion a success.

Also thanks to the Founders of the Talisay Association of Manitoba namely: Rudy Comia, Guillermo Alcantara, Tintoy Ortilla, Leon Licmo, Pascual Salazar, Cosme Luna, Arthur Nibay, Ading Panganiban as well as the past Presidents and current President of the Association, + Cosme Luna, + Ading Panganiban, + Rudy Comia, + Eber Marqueses, Amang Salazar, Boy Ortilla, Eddie Mendoza, Arthur Nibay, Neo Baldoz, Mar Alcantara, Jerry Alcantara, Lito Ramillo, Bob Luna, Ding Luna, Felix Sangalang, Pete Sangalang, Joey Licmo, Tita Manimtim, Alex Mendoza and Jeff Luna.

Photos by Nonie Manalili and Roberto Villaruel