Snowboarding in Manitoba

Snowboarding in Manitoba

On a recent trip to Asessippi Ski Resort in Russell, Manitoba, I managed to find myself waist deep in snow on two separate occasions. I was actually doing fine until I started boarding on the old narrow trails which are normally reserved for skiing. As a snowboarder, or a novice snowboarder for that matter, the wider the run, the better. I’ve been snowboarding for several years and every time, it’s always been fun and there’s always a funny story to be told.

To ski or not to ski? To board or not to board? Those are the two most pressing questions I am always left trying to answer anytime I head for the slopes.

Growing up, I learned how to ski on the banks of the Red River at the old Winnipeg Ski Club. I can’t recall how many pairs of gloves I went through trying to go up a two rope every weekend in the winter. For the last several years, I’ve focused my efforts in learning to be a better snowboarder. Boarding twice a year really doesn’t help the learning process but add a few friends and lots of deep snow, it becomes an adventure.

For as long as I remember, the only option was to ski. Living on the prairies, there weren’t too many options for ski hills that were close to the city, except for Springhill or “The Ditch” as it’s situated on the Winnipeg Floodway. The runs were short and they only had one tow rope. Now it’s called the Springhill Winter Park and in addition to the tow rope, they have a chairlift that transports you from the base of the floodway to the top in seconds. It’s a great place to learn how to snowboard.

Snowboarding can be fun. It still is. I just reminisce about my poser days when everyone had a skateboard. Snowboarding just seems cool, or at least it makes me look hip and cool again. I’m positive that as I continue to learn how to do new tricks, it will be another winter sport I can enjoy. In addition, I’d like to thank Mother Nature for the awesome weather we’ve had in Manitoba in the last couple weeks and makes embracing winter a lot easier.

Next adventure, ice climbing at Festival du Voyageur.