Skyhawks Basketball: A Family Affair

Skyhawks Basketball: A Family Affair

By Ron Cantiveros

Judging from the screaming fans on the sidelines, one would have thought the Skyhawks were playing for the championships. We won 3rd place in the PBA Winnipeg Veteran’s 39+ division and we have a beautiful trophy to prove it.

This was my first time wearing the Skyhawks jersey, and the season is now a part of history including my memorable 3-pointer at the end of the game – nothing but net! Let’s forget the air balls and missed layups earlier in the game. I knew there was a reason I retired from basketball.

It was a great year discovering that basketball at this stage in life is all about family. I also realized that the passion for Skyhawks basketball runs deep among my teammates and their families.

Thank you Skyhawks and PBA for a great season. Time to start training for next year!