God’s greatest plans for us!

EVERY EVENT that happens in our lives however small or insignificant, holds potential to CHANGE your FUTURE FOREVER.

Take for example the events of September 11th 2011 when the horrendous TERRORIST ATTACKS on the World Trade Center in NEW YORK happened, many people ESCAPED DEATH, simply because of a little problem, mishap or sudden change in their schedule.

There was a head of a company who SURVIVED purely because he CHOSE to take his child to KINDERGARTEN that morning, instead of going straight to work, as usual.
Another person survived because it was HIS TURN to bring donuts to the office.
One woman was LATE for work because her ALARM CLOCK didn’t go off in time.
Another, MISSED the bus.
One woman, SPILLED food on her clothes and had to HEAD back HOME to change.
A few people’s cars WOULDN’T START. And another COULDN’T get a TAXI.
The one that STRUCK US THE MOST was the lady who put on a new pair of HIGH-HEELED shoes that morning. She took the various means to get to work but BEFORE SHE GOT THERE, developed a BLISTER. She stopped at a DRUGSTORE to buy a BANDAID, and that is the reason she is ALIVE.
If these people had not experienced these ordinarily IRRITATING events, their stories would have turned out very DIFFERENTLY.

Now, whenever we are STUCK in a traffic or miss an elevator, TURN BACK to answer a ringing telephone, I REMEMBER that all of those ANNOYING LITTLE THINGS are not problems but are just what is MEANT TO BE.
We think to ourselves, this is EXACTLY where GOD wants us to be at this very MOMENT.
The next time your morning seems to be GOING WRONG – children are getting dressed TOO SLOWLY, you CAN’T seem to FIND the car keys, or you hit EVERY traffic light on your way to work – just REMEMBER to STAY CALM and avoid frustration.

It may just be GOD watching out for you, and may you remember the POTENTIAL of their purpose . . .
GOD is always up to something, HE has grander plans that we could ever imagine.
There is a reason why you went through what you went through today. TRUST the process. HE’S got you.
The butterfly effect of life can work for us, it all depends on our perspective.