Sights, Sounds & Flavours of Folklorama

Sights, Sounds & Flavours of Folklorama

It’s cultural overload if you plan on hitting all 43 pavilions for the 46th edition of Folklorama. While Folklorama and the pavilions are all pushing the #SeeItAll hashtag, there’s are a few more hashtags I can come up with such as #HearItAll, and my personal favourite, #EatItAll.

Southside Pavilion Circuit

While most pavilions during Week 2 are in the northwest-northeast of Winnipeg, and if you live in the southside of the city like I do, you can try hitting the three following pavilions The Russian Pavilion at Soul Sanctuary, Italian at the Caboto Centre and Israel Pavilions at Rady Jewish Community Centre.

Everyone Has A Jumpshot

If you visit as many pavilions as I do, it becomes very clear that many cultural dances involve jumping. We love jumping and the good guys at the Ukraine-Kyiv pavilion are amazing jumpers, acrobats and perfomers. Not to be outdone by their performance on stage, Jerri and Jelli Lagac did a bit of their own jumping at the Ukraine-Kyiv pavilion.

Photos by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal