Sen. Escudero is Kris Aquino’s post-marriage adviser

Sen. Escudero is Kris Aquino’s post-marriage adviser

Sen. Chiz Escudero is not only a famous lawmaker. He is also a valuable counselor to TV host-actress Kris Aquino.

The “KrisTV” host recently seek out the wise words of the good senator in an on-air, heart-to-heart talk about maintaining friendly relations with an ex lover. Escudero’s advice was apparently effective as it resulted in a pleasant meeting Kris recently had with ex-husband James Yap.

The 41-year-old Presidential sister had previously bewailed on her show about having a misunderstanding with James when the latter commented about her wearing a duster at home.

Hours after her meeting with the senator, Kris posted on Twitter a photo of James with their son Bimby seemingly having a good time, and with a photo caption that reads she took the photo not wearing a duster.

The next day Kris proudly shared to the lawmaker that she actually took his advice to be nice towards her ex-husband. She also admitted that the pleasant meeting with James was a huge progress compared to their last encounter.