Robert Jordan Misa: Mitsubishi’s National Diamond Winner

Robert Jordan Misa: Mitsubishi’s National Diamond Winner

Whenever you drop by at Vickar Mitsubishi on Regent Ave, you will meet Robert Jordan Misa giving you a welcome greeting with winning smiles, and a welcoming body language, fully engaged with the prospective clients. No hardline sales talks but with a mellowed voice of assurance and with a passion of serving you the best he can.

And with 169 vehicles sold in 2019, no wonder, Misa, one of the sales executives at Vickar Mitsubishi, had earned the distinction of receiving a National Diamond Sales Volume Award at the 14th Annual Triple Diamond Award ceremony held recently in Montreal, Quebec.

Tapping into the Filipino customers has paid off and Misa recognized the potential buying power of his kababayans, “My Filipino customers are loyal to the Mitsubishi brand and they are repeat customers. In the Philippines, Mitsubishi Motors is synonymous with quality and is well-established.

The Mitsubishi reputation, according to Misa, pays off here in Canada with the new Filipino immigrants and those who have been here for a while.

But Misa stresses on one more important thing, “It also comes down to service and we have the best team here at Vickar Mitsubishi.”

So, when you are in need or planning to own a Mitsubishi or want to change your car into a Mitsubishi brand, Robert Misa is ready to welcome you with his youthful smile and a welcoming ambiance as you enter the foyer loaded with distinguished cars for you to drive.