Pocholo Concepcion’s article, “Why there won’t be another Edsa — for now” (2/24/20), raises interesting points that compel patriotic Filipinos to ponder deep.

I agree that Filipinos are undergoing Edsa fatigue “over the failure of all presidents” to curb graft and corruption after Edsa 1986. When there will be another Edsa-like move in pursuit of change, real change, the revolution I desire to see is not the partisan act of the “Oust Duterte” campaign, or the parochial “Duterte Resign” rally, but a revolution of the heart and mind. What the country needs is a radical overhaul of the bureaucracy, to sweep clean the rank and file of scalawags that infiltrate the government service.

I do not mind if the Armed Forces will be headed by a young officer holding the junior rank of lieutenant colonel, as long as he is a man of conviction and true to his mandate — that the Armed Forces is not the private army of the powerful and the mighty, acting as security guards of logging concessions owned by Cabinet officials.

I do not mind if government agencies like the Bureaus of Internal Revenue, Immigration, and Customs are manned by fresh university graduates, as long as they are patriotic, competent, honest, and, yes, God-fearing.

The revolution I desire to see must revisit the inane provision of the fundamental law of the land that anyone who can “read and write” is eligible to run for public office. There ought to be a modicum of eligibility standards. Janitorial applicants are required to submit police clearance, yet those who were convicted of criminal offenses are permitted to run for mayor or senatorial positions?

A mere “Oust Duterte” campaign will not move me marching to Edsa. But if the plants that bear bitter fruit are cut down and toxic soils are trashed out and replaced with good soil, that is the Edsa I am looking forward to joining.

I desire to enjoy the land of my birth as a serene place to live in, not a paradise to be robbed by business mongrels and lawless mobs.

Editorial Note:
Bob Gabuna is resuming his column writing commencing this month. He started writing for the Filipino Journal since 1988. Bob is presently in the Philippines assisting Indigenous Cultural Communities rise from subsistence farming. Last year, he formed the Tribal Council of Dumagat-Remontado Tribe whose Ancestral Domain cover the expanse of three provinces, including the controversial site where Kaliwa River flows. His next assignment is the Manobo-Mamanua Tribe in Samar-Leyte, eventually the Ati Tribe in Antique.

The write up below is carried by Inquirer in the OP-ED section, when Bob responded to paper’s editorial commentary, “Why there won’t be another Edsa — for now”.

POCHOLO Concepcion’s article, “Why there won’t be another Edsa — for now” (2/24/20), raises interesting points that compel patriotic Filipinos to ponder deep.