Red Carpet Gala for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) adds new dimension for raising funds

Red Carpet Gala for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) adds new dimension for raising funds

The easiest way to reach the giving heart is through stomach!

And it enlivens your life if your charitable gesture is accentuated with a 5-course pop-up dinner prepared by no less than Jeremy Senaris, Masterchef Canada; and the salivating finger food prepared by Kyu Grill.

The recently held Red Carpet for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) at the Centennial Concert, was not only a night of fusion food, bonding with friends and acquaintances, and entertainment and silent auction but also an openness of the heart to give and contribute to the fundraising effort presented by Kyu Grill, Lizelle Mendoza and Tiny Mighty Moments.

And the food served at the VIP dinner excelled with the right blending taste and salivating presentation under the creativity of Masterchef Jeremy Senaris. Every plate is a masterpiece to be awed as you savour the layers of taste, adding new experiences on your culinary quest. Every serving was full of apprehension and surprise, making yourself to state and then savour the layers of taste on the fused delights. Kyu Grill’s hors d’oeuvres added more delightful dishes as you sipped your wine and talked and laughed with your friends.

Added to the food and fun, inspiring speeches were delivered by those who had suffered MS; and the Manitoba MS officer thanked the organizers and the audience to have a special event to raise fund for MS. Crissy Troy acted as an emcee who gave the donors a great spatial time in between courses.

All the way, charity begins at home! Our Winnipeg!

Photos by Bryan Mesias and Rollan Temporosa