QPAM’s Mayuhan brings the best from Quezonians

Known as the province of many festivals, the Quezon Province Association of Manitoba (QPAM) under the presidency of Maggie Chan-Urbano will bring the Mayuhan festival with Jhun and Jhuli Manzanilla, as the Hermana and Hermano Mayors respectively at Maples Multiplex Arena, 434 Adsum Drive on June 1, 2019, Saturday from 4 pm to 9 pm.

The procession in honor of the Queen Mother of Flowers and San Isidro Labrardor, patron saint for farmers will be led by the Hermano and Hermano Mayors; Hermanita Cheerie Rojas; Hermanito Darwin Rodgriques, Queen Helena, Johsa Manzanilla, and her escort Christian Schroedter, constantino, Sebastian Santos and followed by other sagalas in full regalia.

Mass will be held before the Mayuhan Procession, and the Hermano, Hermana Mayor, the Herminito and Hermanita, the Reyna Elena, other reynas and the sagala and the whole entourage of the Santacruzan will proceed to the ground and to Adsum Street. After the procession, food will be served.

The current QPAM officers include President, Maggie Chan-Urbano, VP-External Affairs, Nolasco Merluza, VP-Internal Affairs, Rowena Arquero, secretary, Sonny Puache; asst. secretary, Precy Merluza, Treasurer, Rosario Leonie Lacandula, Asst. Treasurer, Jenny Novallasca; auditor, Abdon Chan, Asst. Auditor, Federico Hinanay, PRO, Mariano Sarmiento and Mario Arquero, Sargeant at Arms, Eduardo Aquino, Glenda Relis, Anjoh Maling and Rizalda Plata Merluza, District Reps, (1st) Eddie Revilla, (2nd) Ronnie Merluza, (3rd) Ellen Sarmiento, (4th) Rowell Radovan, Directors, Norman Padilla and Alden Novallasca.
Everyone is welcome to join the QPAM’s Mayuhan 2019.