QPAM’s effort helping a needy Quezonian defines hope and warm community spirit

QPAM’s effort helping a needy Quezonian defines hope and warm community spirit

News had spread like wildfire: a Quezonian who arrived in Winnipeg more than 2 years ago and suffering from a terminal disease would like to go home.

It is a feeling as if it were happening in any family, and then, the advisers, officers and members of the Quezon Province Association of Manitoba led by Maggie Chan-Urbano, the president; and Alden Novallasca, the treasurer started emailing everyone to have a visit and give something to the family.

“We are all touched by the immediate financial needs of the Rosarda family as we visited the patient, Arnold Rosarda, who wanted to go back to the Philippines while he is still alive,” Maggie Chan-Urbano,QPAM president, said.

Phone calls and emails were made and sent to all Quezonians and their friends. Continuous follow-ups and personal picked-up, QPAM was able to collect the donation to help the Rosarda family, formerly from Agdangan and Tiaong Quezon. Some other financial donations poured in while the Rosarda family was getting ready for their travel to the Philippines. Arnold was able to travel and as he requested, but he passed away after hour of his arrival in the Philippines.

“It is a sad story of a new immigrant who asks for help when the needs arise and being a new permanent resident, he has a little circle of friends, gladly, Dr. Cocoy Aguilar was able to ask Arnold Rosarda about his hometown, our kababayan doctor immediately contacted us to do something, a gesture of hope, a great Christmas gift to the family,” said Alden Novallasca, treasurer of QPAM.

QPAM was able to raise fund for that short period of time, amounting to $1,455,and immediately sent the money with an equivalent of Ph51,296.15 to the Rosarda family in the Philippines.

“I have to thank all our donors, our advisers, officers and members and friends of QPAM, especially the Seven Oaks Hospital Group Unit 7, and Rachel Yap and Weng Arquero for their donations,”Maggie Chan-Urbano said.