Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday?

Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday?

Looking around and visiting the malls or supermarkets, “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” greetings have become staples in the promotional displays. While some big box stores have prominent display of Christmas decorations, slogans and greetings, there are stores that do not have the word “Christmas.” They put “Holiday” Food or “Holiday” Gifts instead.

Take Canadian Tire for example, which has a prominent display of the Christmas traditions, even the slogan has a heart-warming feeling: Canada’s CHRISTMAS Store! At Home Depot: CHRISTMAS TOOL EVENT. Safeway has a bold “MERRY CHRISTMAS” greetings in the flyers! But if you look at the Walmart Magazine, its cover has “Holiday Central”. There are many stores, big and small, with just a “Season’s Greeting to All”; and one big box store has no spirit of Christmas at all, just some last-minute holiday decorations. But on TV, radio and social media, Christmas is bursting into the mainstream!

Even Christian churches have beautiful Christmas celebrations, like the Simbang Gabi in St. Peter, St,. Edward and St. Patrick.

But why some people change the word Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays? Christmas Tree to Holiday Tree? Christmas Concert to “Winter Fantasy Concert”, to mention a few.

For many years, many groups, mostly minority groups, aimed to change the way Christmas is celebrated. And according to Wikipedia, groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union have initiated court cases to bar the display of images and other materials referring to Christmas from public property including schools. Such groups argue that government-funded displays of Christmas imagery and tradition violate the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibits the establishment by Congress of a national religion. In 1984, United States Supreme Court ruled on Lynch v Donelly, that the Christmas displays (which included the Nativity Scene) owned and displayed by the City Pawtucked, Rhode Island, did not violate the First Amendment.

Do they know that the meaning of Christmas is love? And why do we celebrate Christmas every year? Out of gratitude for what God did for us. This season, celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ, we remember the full meaning of love, giving each other gifts, worshipping Him and being especially conscious of the poor and less fortunate. One may be glad that there are many non-profit agencies celebrating Christmas by donating money, services and goods, like the Winnipeg Harvest, the Christmas Cheer Boards, Free Press Mountain of Miracles, associations which go out every night for caroling to raise fund for the calamity and scholarship funds.

Christmas is also a celebration of the closeness of the family. The Christmas dinner is not complete without our grandparents, mom and dad, sisters and brothers, grandchildren. Some of them even travel many miles just be with family. And remember, family is the very foundation of a society and from this foundation we want to build a much stronger society, sharing the bounties, caring and helping each other.

And lately, I have received many Christmas Cards with a bold, red blood words printed on it: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
How about Holidays? Yeah, I might have a winter holiday somewhere in the Bahamas for more fun, sun, drinks and sex! Do not disturb my holiday by sending your
“holiday card”

But with Christ in your Christmas greetings, you will send me the warm meaning of love, of sharing, of helping and laughter among the family members!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Bountiful New Year to all!