Pyramid Plumbing & Heating: Ready to heat up winter!

Pyramid Plumbing & Heating: Ready to heat up winter!

In the last 18 months Pyramid Plumbing and Heating has gone through some immense changes attributed to growth. Mike Buenaventura came aboard almost 24 months ago and has brought with him some fresh ideas, and new customer service concepts. Now the team has grown. Adding 4 full time experienced technicians, a service foreman and an experienced sales advisor; all to better serve homeowners.

“I think we have made some great strides in letting people know that we’ve been here for over 39 years servicing Winnipeg….” and in doing so they’ve added to the team. Dustin Ready, their most recent addition comes with over 12 years of HVAC sales experience. The cliche, He’s seen it all, could certainly applies here. When we ask Mike (Residential Manager) why he is so excited to add Dustin? “It was an easy decision for us to bring him on board” claims Mike. “when we met with him, he was very confident in being an “option provider” rather than a “product pusher” Providing plenty of options is what we like to rest our laurels on, as seen on many tag lines and the the company’s various social media videos.

Installing new equipment is only a portion of what Pyramid offers. Servicing is almost as big if not at certain times a larger component. Adding Gord Caron to the team was “Huge” “A couple of years ago 1 install crew and a couple of service guys were a manageable team. Now almost tripling that team required a leader. That’s where Gord’s experience was almost “plug and play” using Mike’s words. Bringing with him over 15 years of HVAC service management experience, Gord is able to assist in Pyramid’s growth whilst maintaining it’s commitment to service excellence. If you look at Pyramid’s reviews online; they certainly appear to being exceeding their customer’s expectations and more.

The team at Pyramid is able to fully help you with the following services:
Furnace / AC Sales
Furnace / AC Annual Maintenance
Furnace / AC 24 hr Service
General Plumbing
Advanced Plumbing
Filter Sales
Duct Cleaning
HRV Sales and Service
New Homes and Retrofit

The Pyramid team always encourages open lines of communication with the homeowners. “I always want to be available. It’s what the client deserves” Mike adds.

Home comfort systems are large investments, and servicing them is very vital to the health of the system and more importantly the safety of the family. There are always a lot of questions that arise and he wants to ensure that they are always answered. Feel free to drop in at 1600 Church Ave, or call the office 204-694-5088 to meet Mike, Dustin, Gord and the team at Pyramid Plumbing and Heating