Primrose Madayag Knazan is back at the Fringe!

Primrose Madayag Knazan is back at the Fringe!

Winnipeg’s newest LGBT theatre group Prairie Q Productions is proud to present “AGAINST THE WALL” at Venue #5, Son of Warehouse.

A new play by 3 time Best of Fest winner Primrose Madayag Knazan. Prairie Q Productions is the brain child of Adam Jennings. The mandate is simple – tell stories that celebrate and represent parts of the LGBT community. The debut production “Against the Wall” is a story about bullying and the effects it has on someone, whether it be the victim or the silent witness. “Against the Wall” also tells the story of two gay men as they navigated their way through adolescence.

Ash escaped into the world of C.C. Bloom, while Steve escaped on the field. They came from two different worlds, yet longed for the same thing… Her words changed them. When writing the show local playwright Primrose Madayag Knazan recalled true stories of friends, and cast members. The script is what you many call factual fiction. The experiences characters deal with have happened to someone she knows to some degree. The character of Ash tells tales of growing up that mirror events that have happened to Adam Jennings The show features four actors playing various characters. The two male actors portray the central figures and the two women act as a Greek Chorus of sorts. The Greek Chorus will portray characters of all ages and genders. As the story shifts in time it is revealed how the two men, Ash and Steve are connected. The character of Evs uses her marker and writes various quotes on bathroom walls, these writings help to shape the men and eventually help to connect them.

The play will be directed as a collective – with each member of Prairie Q sharing ideas and supporting each other in a positive and playful manner.

The cast features – Michael Hancharyk, Adam Jennings, Spenser Payne and Christine Reinfort. With Stage Management by Sheena Sanderson.