Polar Bear Day at Assiniboine Park Zoo

Polar Bear Day at Assiniboine Park Zoo

Every year, February 27 is celebrated globally as the International Polar Bear Day, a day not only dedicated to the iconic mighty specie but also to raise awareness of the impact of global warming to them.

At leat two-thirds of polar bear live in Canadian territory. The Assiniboine Park zoo here in Winnipeg is currently home to 9 of them.

Last February 29th, the park celebrated the event with discounted admission and special activities. Many came to celebrate and learn more on how they can contribute to save the bears and their habitat, the sea ice.

Among who came were mother and daughter Edna Evasco and her daughter Anjelica Cabiles. It was their first time to celebrate the Polar Bear Day at the park.

Another group from Regina came to Winnipeg for a day tour and they made the Assiniboine zoo part of their itinerary while Onganon family from Altona came for their kids to see the bears and enjoy the fun activities.

Photos by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal