Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion

Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion

Magdaragat is a Filipino word meaning voyagers of the seas, or sea-farers. Magdaragat Philippines Incorporated was established in 1976 by the late Dante C. Buenaventura. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and propagation of the Philippine culture through song, dance and theatre. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Magdaragat. Our theme is PAGPAPAHALAGA (Reverence).

Reverence is the honour and to have deep respect, appreciation, and high esteem for someone or something.

Magdaragat’s existence and growth are rooted in our members sheer pride for our tradition, history and profound love and respect for each other. It’s this honour and mutual gratitude at the centre of everything we do that will keep MAGDARAGAT evolving for many years to come- “Once a Magdaragat, always a Magdaragat.”

Magdaragat is the proud sponsor of the Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion which features 3 different shows a day, 6:45 p.m, 8:15 p.m, and 9:45 p.m. We are located at R.B. Russell School 364 Dufferin Avenue. You will see dances from the rural, muslim, mountain, tribal areas of the Philippines and a few dances influenced from Spanish colonization. We invite you all to come see us and enjoy the “Magic of Magdaragat.”

Magdaragat Philippines, Inc. ‘Voyagers of the Seas’ Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada