PCCM Unveils the Philippine Vickar Jeepney

PCCM Unveils the Philippine Vickar Jeepney

Fred de la Cruz placed his son at the back of the covered jeepney for a photoshot and Mirla Delgado wanted to have a picture taken even if the jeepney was not ready for display, she said,” I have work and I will not be present during the unveiling. Kasi I am so excited about this jeepney…this is my favorite transportation in Manila”. These were the two earliest Kababayans who wanted an assurance that they had a photo with this Philippine icon.

The Vickar Jeepney which was unveiled last July 31 at the PCCM grounds has become the center of attraction. It was brought here by the couple Larry and Tova Vickar who fell in love with it when they “To have this piece of Philippine history known as the “King of the Road” in Winnipeg, is our commitment to the Filipino community here. We are aware that this cultural icon is a living symbol of the Filipino’s ingenuity and creativity. This jeepney has become a part of the cultural heritage of the Filipinos in Winnipeg. It took us at least two years to restore it to its original design in spite of the many changes made for this jeepney. I do hope that the Filipinos here in Winnipeg will use this jeepney for many years to come. We are honored to be a part of this cultural event and many fundraising efforts for the PCCM”, Larry said.

The traditional christening started with Pastor Junie Josue officiating the Vickar Jeepney’s blessing . Larry and Tova Vickar, Rod E. Cantiveros, PCCM President, Gem Anis, PCCM Fundraising Chairman, led the group of onlookers composed of the Vickar Autogroup Inc.personnel, PCCM Officers and Board of Directors ; sponsors – Oscar and Minda Surla of Sarbit Travel and Insurance,Gerry, Becky, and Jana Morrison of Supreme Ice Cream, Keith Belamy, Councilor for Daniel McIntyre Ward, Gerry Dy of A-Plus Equipment (Restaurant Suppliers), John and Lita Salguirro of JS Furniture, Kevin Chief of Winnipeg North, Kevin Lamoureux, MLA Inkster and for Winnipeg North, Angelina Tibay, owner/hairstylist of Angelina Hair City who were welcomed by Mr. Gem Anis.

Larry Vickar broke the wine bottle, Rod E. Cantiveros, PCCM President acknowledged the gift to the Filipino community, Dr. Irene Guzman, PCCM Asst. Treasurer, closed the ceremonies for the day. Emcee was Noel Cadelina, PCCM Program Chairman.

The Vickar Autogroup, Inc. with the cooperation of PCCM Officers, Board of Directors, and volunteers Cherrie Maranan, Carol Castro, Julie Vila, Carol Rodriguez, and PCCM custodian Nards Maranan, served cold drinks “Melon Sa Malamig” (Watermelon Smoothie) and pan de sal to beat the heat.

The PCCM announced its sponsorship of photocalendar sessions for the Kababayans to be a part of the jeepney calendar promotion at $20.00 per person. In addition, a funride,” Biyaheng PCCM” to Polo Park, City Hall, the Forks or to the Regent could be had for $5.00 per person. Any group be it family, friends, or business can arrange for a trip with the PCCM. “Wow, my whole staff of hairstylists will have a great time when we take a ride anywhere in Winnipeg,” enthused Angelina Tibay, owner/hairstylist of Angelina Hair City and one of the Jeepney’s christening sponsors.

For “Biyaheng PCCM Jeepney Pass” please call PCCM – Cherry Maranan (204)775-4928 from 10am to 5pm, Rod E. Cantiveros 489-8894/999/7964, Allan Zoleta 797-2220, Gem Anis – 257-3134, Julie Javier – 787-2733, and Dr. Irene Guzman 291-0122.