Here They Come, Scream Your Lungs Out

Here They Come, Scream Your Lungs Out

(On the so-called Screaming-Fan Phenomenon)

I hear and read a lot of derogatory remarks about fans who scream their lungs out every time they see their music idols—be such sighting is in person or on TV.

Hate mails and postings for particular artists and other showbusiness personalities also abound on the Internet, and their respective fans are always ready to defend them.

My empathy goes out to the fans simply because I, too, am a fanatic music enthusiast. I have many music icons whose works I so love and admire and for whom I had screamed my lungs out when I saw them at concerts and to whose songs I sometimes sing along teary-eyed even though I am just listening to these solitarily on my media player. These are the mark of a true music enthusiast, and there is nothing wrong about it.

I think those people who berate this whole screaming-fan phenomenon do so simply because they themselves are not a big fan of any music genre or artist—the reason they could not understand that the screaming is just an expression of excitement, just a proof of how music and influential artists and other celebrities can move people emotionally. But of course, there should be a limit to this expression of excitement. This so-called screaming-fan phenomenon should be socially acceptable as long as the screaming fan doesn’t do anything that may pose harm or serious inconveniences to the celebrity of her affection or to her fellow fans—like stalking, instigating violence, stealing memorabilia, or engaging in public obscenities. Nevertheless, when a fan is at a concert or watching TV and sees her idol, I think screaming as loud as she wants is acceptable.

Final Note
What is a fan really anyway? How would you know if you are one? A fan, also called aficionado, supporter, or enthusiast, is a person with an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking and enthusiasm for something or someone relatively popular. A fan often shows her or his enthusiasm by starting or joining a fan club, creating fanzines, collecting memorabilia, or simply watching the performances of the personalities of her affection.

Nowadays, a lot of teenagers scream their lungs out when they see the likes of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Marianas Trench, Lights, Drake, and Charice Pempengco. Many people tend to laugh at these screaming kids. I don’t, because I scream too on occasions I get the chance to watch my favorite bands live in concerts. I’m sure that those people who criticize fans like us have forgotten that they might have also been screaming fans of The Beatles or Elvis Presley (if they belong to the ’60s generation), The Jackson 5 (’70s), Tiffany or New Kids on the Block (’80s), or The Backstreet Boys (’90s) or they are simply people who don’t have a passion for music or for anything for that matter.