Pacquiao considers Mosley too kind for an opponent

Pacquiao considers Mosley too kind for an opponent

Manny Pacquiao finds Shane Mosley too kind and even considered him the kindest of all those that he have ever fought inside the ring.

Although the two fighters have never ever shown any animosity between them, Pacquiao said they have to fight hard as it is their job to give their best and entertain their fans.

Pacquiao added that Mosley is a tough fighter, and has the speed that could make it difficult for him to catch.

The Filipino champion is heavily favored to beat the American fighter in their welterweight match scheduled on May 7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao and Mosley are in New York City for the third and last stop of the press tour for the fight where all 17,000 tickets are almost sold out three months away.

They will soon part ways to start their respective training.