One solid community for the Adaos

One solid community for the Adaos

The Filipino community is mourning following the senseless homicide of Jaime Adao Jr., the son of Jimel’s Bakery owners, Jimmy and Imelda Adao, last Sunday night.

Jimboy, as he was known to many, was attacked and killed in a random home invasion.

Last Monday, after the news broke before noon, kababayans were in total shock as the Adaos are known to many not only for their bakery business but also for their consistent support to the community. Many asked, “how could something bad like this happen to such good, generous people?”

Expressions of sympathies and condolences flooded social media sites, prayers were offered and some called for justice for Jimboy. Some folks gathered for a vigil Monday night in front of the Adaos’ house. A GoFundMe page was also set up to support the family with the funeral expenses. Cho Chi Ramen to whom Jimel’s Bakery is a supplier of buns, is offering a special at their restaurant to help the Adao family. The outpouring love and support to the bereaved family has proven once again that the entire community remains solid especially in this trying time.

An even more solace and solidarity was evident during the commemoration services for Jimboy last Tuesday night at Jesus Is Lord Church. Songs of praise and prayers were followed by comforting words from the family’s friends – remembering Jimboy with a promise that his parents whom he dearly loved will be taken care of.

Everybody broke down when it was Jim and Mel’s turn to talk. They shared how Jimboy would never fail to say “I love you” to them. Jimmy also shared how his son assured him that he is going to graduate this year. Mel consistently conveyed her belief in God, saying “if God has sacrificed His own son, who are we not to do the same?” Despite being broken, the bereaved parents showed steadfast faith, entrusting everything to the Lord.

Service ended with people lining up to personally express their sympathies to the Adao couple. The entire room, filled with people who were requested to come in white, was crying. Besides feeling for the grieving family, the community cries for justice – that this should be a wake up call for such senseless happening to stop.

On Friday, March 8, everybody will have a voice, everybody gets a chance to be heard through “Damayan, Usapan at mga Hakbang” : Community Roundtable Discussion, Urgent Conversations Towards a Safer Winnipeg for all Families. It will be held at 6:30pm at the Maples Collegiate Commons, 1330 Jefferson Ave.

Photo credit: Jimel Adao (Facebook)