Oh great, more plates

Oh great, more plates

A pinay’s guide to getting hitched

Weddings aren’t one-day events.

Asides from all the planning that goes into picking your ideal dress, bouquet and cake topper, you must also consider everything else that leads up to it. That includes, but may not be limited to, an engagement party, social, shower, and bachelor(ette) party.

Many of these engagements, including the wedding, involve setting up a gift registry. Your friends and family will be anxious to start searching for gift ideas, and unless you want two dozen sets of plates, cutlery and wine glasses, it’s key to get your lists up early.

What else must a couple consider when building their gift registries? The opinions are plentiful, and here are a few pieces of advice:

1.Cash is king
Newlyweds take on many major financial commitments, including their honeymoons, mortgages and the wedding itself. Times have changed, and cash registries (or what some refer to as a presentation gift) that were once taboo are now on the upward trend. There is no shame in helping fund a couple’s future in the most practical sense.

2.Big box stores aren’t your only option
Big box stores like Home Outfitters and Bed Bath & Beyond are well-equipped to handle most of your wedding registry needs. But before you finalize your lists, consider checking out a few smaller specialty boutiques that stock more unique and personalized finds. The best bet is to diversify and include large and small stores for your guests to shop at.

3.Offer options for everyone
You’re inviting family and friends based on your relationships with them, and not because of the bills stacked in their bank accounts. As a courtesy to your guests, make sure your registry includes options for every budget. Items can range from oven mitts to a new patio set.

4.Think out of the box
Your wedding registry, in some ways, tells a story about what kind of couple you and your loved one are – down to the very prints and patterns you choose. If you’re feeling adventurous, there is no harm in taking the non-traditional approach. Alongside the practical necessities, think about adding some character-specific items that match your personalities and interests, which might include camping equipment, travel essentials or an espresso machine.