Man fueled by meth charged with second-degree murder

By Rod Cantiveros

Asked about the reaction on the charges laid against Ronald Bruce Chubb with a second-degree murder, attempted murder and failure to comply with probation, the common denominator of the answer is single, rapid and ballistic: ‘he will be prosecuted and incarcerated and then given freedom again to roam the community to kill again!’

“Yes, he will be back again to steal another life, the same way what he did for Jimboy who has many ambition and life, so young to die, this man has stolen his bright future,” said by a kababayan who does not want to be named. “And this city is unsafe with these people who are known to the police and yet given the chance to kill again. The justice system sucks!”

Based on the court record, Chubb has fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, has a lengthy history of theft and break-and-enter convictions and has been in and out of jail. And this the so-called “Revolving Door Justice” and this gives the members of the community from those who have been in and out of jail, roaming around the community and probably to commit another crime and destroy lives.

As everyone in the community is growing in fear, as homicides having a fiesta in the many parts of the city, families are trying to find ways to be safe. Many have been getting paranoid, that even a slight shadow, or any person lurking around in their vicinity as a sign of a new crime. Even installing CCTV, or making the door safe from home invasion or being armed to protect the members of the family.

According to the report, Winnipeg Free Press, March 19, 2019), it reported that there are 10 homicides, almost double compared with the same time last year. By this time last year, there had only four killings in the city, according to the Winnipeg Police Service statistics. The five most recent homicides happened in the West End, North End and the downtown.

“I have been calling my son who works at night to keep safe,” another senior said. “He goes to work at night and I am scared and nervous, I do not want to suffer what the parents of Jaime Adao have been experiencing today. I can’t image what will happen to me. I can’t sleep after these many killings.”

Jimmy Adao, 17, and a promising culinary students at Tech-Voc, who was attacked and killed by the alleged assailant, has been working with his parents, Jaime Adao Sr. and Imelda Adao, owners of Jimel’s Bakery in Bannatayne and in Stafford. Jimboy as he was known to many, planned to pursue his culinary plan at the Red River Collage.

“And now, Chubb stole his dream.” as one facebooks comment after the news of the charges became viral.

“With so many crimes happening in the city, I am gripped with fear for my family and friends. Even some of my friends have been asking if they can buy a house and live in Winnipeg, We are all affected by the rash of homicide cases, the ill-effect of the meth epidemic, but I told them, have faith in God,” said Maggie Chan-Urbano, president of QPAM.

“With the escalating homicide cases in the becoming “Narco-City” of Winnipeg, no one is safe now where everyone’s life is at risk including our peace-keeping officers. Maybe the best thing we could do is to take care of our family first, look after their safety of our own abode, and it’s about time for all the citizens and the community organizations to work hand-in-hand with the authorities and for our government and lawmakers to revisit and amend our laws,” said Ernesto Nicolas Ofiaza, Jr., founding president of the Filipino Music and Arts Association of Canada Inc.