New Age-specific Martial Arts Classes can provide Children with a Positive Light at the End of the Tunnel

Research has proven those children who do not participate in childhood activities that enhance their physical, emotional, intellectual, and social stages of development tend to fall behind those who do, which means their chance of success as adults weaken. In today’s competitive society, it is extremely important for parents of children between the ages of 3-14 to get their child involved in some type of activity that better prepares them for adulthood, in a positive and productive manner.

Child development expert, Melody Shuman, explains that one successful solution is an innovative children’s Martial Arts program known as SKILLZ. Melody, an internationally accredited Martial Arts consultant, has made several pro-active steps to helping today’s youth become more motivated and confident through this age-appropriate Martial Arts training concept. “We’ve figured out how to target children’s stages of development and maximize their skills and abilities through our age-specific curriculums. The SKILLZ program has proven to increase a child’s abilities physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. The results are incredible!” Melody explains.

In our area, Mr. Ron Padua and Mrs. Kim Bedona Padua, branch owners and instructor of Spirit 1 Taekwondo Maples is the very first school to offer children within our community classes that are age-specific. “Many Martial Arts schools put kids from 6 to 14 in the same class. After joining Melody Shuman’s SKILLZ program and training with her team of consultants, we are now going to split up our classes to be age-specific. This will help us train our youthful students in a more positive and productive manner,” says Mr. Ron Padua. “Our parents are very excited about enhancing their children’s lives through this fun and educational approach.”

To give people in the community an opportunity to see first-hand how these age-specific programs work, call 204-298-2228 to schedule an appointment, or check out their website at