Little Elf-Girl Lost

(Sonnet II: The Awakening)

The first moment she climbs out of her tree-hole nest
What a sight to behold! Her face beaming with zest
Silvery sunrays slice through the thick foliage
Small rainbows form as light hits the peacocks’ plumage

She stares at the lake admiring the reflections
Then notices those beady eyes full of questions
The woodland ungulates are tame rather than wild
Enchanted and enchanting the curious elf-child

Tarsiers mouse-deer and pangolins in the sunshine
Cattails and pussy willows thrive near the grapevine
Amidst these nature’s wonders new to her senses
She feels her smallness under the microlenses

And as she looks at the stars in the ink-black sky
Something unfamiliar in her heart makes her cry