Music Is for Anyone who Wants to Listen to It

An acquaintance that he developed a sense of ownership for all the songs that he fell in love with during his youth, to the point that when such songs started to become commercialized or overly popular, enough for them to be embraced by also the common guy next door, he lost affection for them. He felt that these songs were no longer his. He felt dismayed. He now disowned them because he felt that these songs no longer “speak” to him personally.

What a sense of false ownership and feelings of entitlement.

I don’t share those sentiments.

To develop a sense of ownership for music is a dangerous thing. It makes a person selfish, snobbish, and elitist, thinking and feeling that no one else but he alone has the right to appreciate and delight in the beauty of music, whatever kind this may be. To believe that only he and no one else could appreciate something is a height of selfishness and greediness.

For me, music—whatever kind or genre this may be—Metal, Jazz, New Wave, Classical, Hip-hop, Country, Punk, Progressive Rock, Pop, you name it—is for everyone.

Yes, music is for anyone who likes to listen to it for whatever reason.

Don’t fall in the folly of thinking that something special is only for someone special like you. Because you are not the only special person in the world. In fact, everyone is special in many ways.

Don’t be selfish. Don’t be greedy.

Final Note

As we grow older, we should also become more inclusive and welcoming of others; sharing all the good things with anyone who is happy to delight in them.