MC College shoots at Tec Voc High School

MC College shoots at Tec Voc High School

Gerald Atienza – Grade 11 Student

I’m in photography to learn to take great pictures and learn how to use photoshop. I like the professional cameras and lenses we use. I have learned new lighting techniques and how to set up a studio. We shoot a variety of projects from small items to high end fashion. After graduation I hope to enter the job market and stay in the photography field.

This photo shoot: My experience during the shoot was good. The most trouble I have was focusing and only a couple of images were not tack sharp. I had a fun time with my client and model and they were easy to work with and we have lots of laughs on the set. I was nervous at my first fashion shoot but you get the hang of it and become confident and and grow with each assignment.

Gian Carlo Delgado – Post high Student ( has graduated from the grade 12 already and is taking two years of photo in one year)

I took the class here at Tec Voc because I wanted to try something unique and new. Everybody knows how to use a phone and a computer but not everyone knows how to properly use a camera. I was intrigued by cool photos on the internet and always wondered how they were produced. That’s why I chose to be in photography. I have learned now to use a camera and the different kinds of lenses. I learned how to set up studios and all different kind of lighting techniques. I have learned different types of composition in photography and how to create great images. I have worked with clients that have included hair stylists, aestheticians, make up artists and clothing stylists who would bring in their models for photo sessions. Photoshop is also a big part of the program here at Tec Voc and we finish up our images by mounting and framing them.

About my MC College photo shoot: The theme of the shoot was “Masquerade”. The model brought a mask to add to the styling of her hair. I did mostly closeup portraits but also some full length shots. For our set props we used an arch and chair to help with the story telling.

Overall the shoot was fun and exciting.