Landmark Victory: Wab Kinew Becomes Manitoba’s First Indigenous Premier in NDP Election Triumph

Photo credits: Travis Golby/CBC

In a historic turn, the Manitoba Legislative Elections on October 3, 2023, witnessed the New Democratic Party (NDP) securing a resounding victory, solidifying Wab Kinew’s position as Manitoba’s first First Nations premier. This triumph also granted the NDP a majority government.

Addressing a jubilant crowd at the NDP campaign headquarters, Kinew expressed his gratitude for the win, emphasizing the importance of unity in the province. This election marks a significant milestone as Manitoba becomes the first Canadian province to elect a First Nations premier, underscoring the province’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Heather Stefanson, the Progressive Conservative Party (PC) leader, gracefully conceded defeat, announcing her resignation as party leader. Her party had been in power since 2016, and despite their efforts, the PC party could not secure victory in this election.

Throughout the campaign, the NDP focused on key issues such as healthcare and affordability. Kinew’s promises to improve healthcare, including reopening shuttered emergency rooms, resonated with voters. The NDP also pledged to freeze Manitoba Hydro rates for a year, address social and affordable housing, and work towards reconciliation with Indigenous communities.

The NDP’s victory came after weeks of intense political advertisements and campaign efforts. Voter turnout was significant, with 200,790 Manitobans casting their ballots in advance polls.
With this decisive win, the NDP is poised to lead Manitoba for the next four years, embarking on a journey to address the province’s pressing challenges and fulfill its campaign promises.