Kim Chiu’s Heartwarming Surprise Visit to Kris Aquino Amidst Health Battle

Photo source: Kris Aquino Instagram @krisaquino

In a heartfelt gesture, actress Kim Chiu paid a surprise visit to her co-star from “Etiquette for Mistresses,” Kris Aquino, who is currently in the United States for treatment related to her autoimmune disease. Kris documented this touching reunion on her Instagram account.

The video clip shared by Kris shows Kim’s arrival at her home, warmly referred to as a “reunion with my #panganay” in the caption. Kim’s entrance was marked by a joyful call to Kris and a light-hearted scream that drew the attention of Kris’s eldest son, Josh. After hugging Kris, Kim embraced Josh before sitting for a heart-to-heart with the host actress.

Kris expressed her deep gratitude for Kim’s visit, especially on a day that involved her receiving a somewhat painful injection. She appreciated Kim’s support and described her as a much-needed reminder that, despite the challenges, there’s always a rainbow after the storms. She expressed how much she had missed Kim and invited her to visit more often, given the comfort her presence brought.

In her post, Kris also thanked Kim for their enduring 16-year friendship and shared that Kim had narrowly missed her other son, Bimby, by just 10 minutes, as both Kim and Bimby share the same birthday, April 19.

Batangas vice-governor Mark Leviste coordinated the visit, and Kris clarified that she and Mark were mending their friendship despite previous rumors about a romantic involvement. She expressed her hope for a harmonious and supportive relationship moving forward.

Kris used this opportunity to express her gratitude for all the well-wishers and supporters during her recovery. She stated that she still had approximately 15 more months of treatment but remained hopeful and committed to the fight. Kim reciprocated her feelings, expressing her happiness in reuniting with Kris after many years. The heartfelt visit was a reminder of their enduring friendship, extending beyond their on-screen collaborations.