Alleged daughter of Francis M ready to step into the entertainment industry

Photo courtesy of Boss Toyo Production/YouTube

Former flight attendant Abegail Rait has revealed that her alleged love child with the late Francis Magalona, 15-year-old Gaile Francesca, is poised to make her mark in show business, following in her father’s footsteps.

In a candid disclosure on the YouTube series “Pinoy Pawnstars,” Rait and Francesca visited “Boss Toyo,” a collector of items from local artists. They intended to sell Francis’ jersey, along with a letter he wrote to Rait and a photo of them together.

Rait shared the story of her relationship with Francis, from their initial encounter when he spotted her in the “Eat Bulaga” audience to her carrying their child while he was on tour. She also gave insights into naming Francesca, which she revealed was a combination of “Gaile” from Abegail and “Francesca” from Francis.

Rait, visibly emotional, recalled the devastating moment when Francis was diagnosed with leukemia, expressing how their world shattered when his illness was diagnosed.

Despite knowing that people may judge her for her revelation, Rait emphasized her motivation was to let her daughter’s story be known. She described how Francesca, like her father, possesses singing, rapping, and dancing talents, indicating that they want to bring her into the music industry.

The Master Rapper, known for his iconic songs like “Mga Kababayan,” “Kaleidoscope World,” “Nilamon ng Sistema,” and “Higante,” passed away in 2009 due to acute myeloid leukemia. His wife, Pia, and their children have not commented.