Juris says marriage blends well with her singing career

Juris says marriage blends well with her singing career

Singer Juris says her career is running smoothly as she entered her fifth month of marriage life as Mrs. Gavin Lim .

In a TV interview, the former MYMP vocalist declared her happiness on her decision to settle down and build a family while still pursuing a career in the entertainment world.

The singer admitted though that being married affected her demanding showbiz schedule. She said the situation is still manageable but she is aware of the big adjustment if and when she’ll be having a baby.

Juris and Gavin were married on November last year at Mary the Queen Parish in Quezon City.

Meanwhile, the singer is reportedly set to do a project in Singapore. Her recent singing stint abroad was last year when she was invited to perform at the Green Plugged Seoul music festival in South Korea.

Juris is no stranger to Korean music fans as she earlier recorded a six-track EP titled, “If You and Me/.” The record was released in the Korean market in 2010 under Star Records.