Sunday Victoria weekend’s escapade

Sunday Victoria weekend’s escapade

To visit the three Manitoba major tourist attractions on the Sunday of Victoria weekend, is an act of an unchallenged feat.
It was a day of fun, of snakes, of waves, and of ice cream!

Last Sunday Victoria weekend, the garter snake enthusiasts were heading to Narcisse Snake Dens, a world renown snake attraction in Manitoba. The sun was shining with a gentle wisp of cold spring air, the three-car convoy lazily hit Highway 7.

The day’s trip would be very hectic: a brief visit to Old Hammock Marsh, Manitoba’s ecological project closer to Highway 7; a time to watch, to catch and to hold garter snakes at Narcisse Snake Dens; and in the afternoon, a side trip to Gimli; and way back home, a short stop at Lockport and its historic St. Andrew’s Church along the River Avenue. But a certain event took place and the group skipped the Old Hammock Marsh.

The three-car convoy led by Rod E. Cantiveros, FJ publisher and vp marketing, followed by Vangie de Leon, and at the end, a car driven by Carol T. Castro, drove directly to the snake country.

First stop at Inwood famous for its landmark monument for garter snake. Photo session took place with the giant replica of garter snake. With two new comers, Ladie Vila and Geline Castro, plus the eager and excited youngsters, KC Reyes and her brother Nathan (so excited to see and hold the garter snake) Dominic Rodriguez and Justin de Leon plus his mom, Vangie and family friend,Veron Opina, the touring group enjoyed being with the giant snake replica. Countless photo poses, in group and in solo took place.

Then, headed to Highway 17 and after more than a hour of turning and detouring as instructed by GPS, the group arrived at the Narcisse Snake Dens with excitements.

Excitements but with a little bit of fear overpowered the members of the group after the heavy lunch. The youngsters got the time to catch garter snake and tried to let other people experience the snake encounter. Others got scared but later on, some had touched the friendly and venom less garter snake. Many people came to the Narcisse Snake Dens and the youngsters started gathering snakes. The youngsters of the group, led by KC Reyes, started gathering more snakes.

Then, an impromptu snake hunting game took over. The contestants were Nathan and the two-boy team, Dominic and Justin got into action to find and get more snakes. The more snakes they catch, the more chances to win some cash prizes. The snake hunting contest became serious and the three boys started looking for garter snakes together with the two judges: KC Reyes and Geline Castro. The contest was a draw between Nathan and the team of Dominic Rodriquez and Justin de Leon. The winners received cash prizes.

In the afternoon, the group arrived in Gimli. Gimli is teeming with people; some were sunbathing; some were just playing with stones and the waves; some were walking lazily on the beach. The group put up a mat under the tree, overlooking Lake Winnipeg. Chow time again and the younger members of the group started playing with the water and some started collecting special stones. On way to Winnipeg, the group passed by at Lockport for a cold ice cream and coffee. The group had a good time watching people fishing along the banks of the river. A Korean guy was lucky and he let the group carry the fish for photo opp. And he gave the fish to the group as a gift. The group visited the oldest church along the River Road at Lockport and everybody enjoyed the beautiful view of the Red River while heading to Winnipeg.

Visiting the three Manitoba tourist spots, the local tourists, all Filipino-Canadians, were tired by happy for the joy of spending time with nature. It is a memorable experience! Indeed, it is priceless!

And everyone is looking forward to the next escapade: here it is: July 1st, Canada Day and the destinations will be at the Steinbach Heritage Festival, Giroux’s International Magic Museum, and the Manitoba’s Scarecrow Country.

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