Julie Javier will get tough on crime

Julie Javier will get tough on crime

Winnipeg – Julie Javier, Conservative candidate for the by-election in Winnipeg North, commented on the recent violent shootings in Winnipeg.

“Crime is a very serious issue in this city, and it has been for far too long,” said Javier. “We need to take action, we need to get tough on crime and if elected to Parliament I will work with the Harper government as it implements its tough on crime agenda.”

The Conservatives are the only political party committed to giving our police the tools they need to combat organized crime and the drug trade, as well as combat online crime, white collar crime, reforming pardons and parole, and cracking down on human smugglers.

“It’s very unfortunate that members of the Coalition parties, the Liberals and NDP, do not believe crime is a serious issue,” says Javier. “Crime has plagued our community for too long. This horrible tragedy is another example of why we need to get tough on crime.”

Javier was responding to the horrific shootings that have happened on back-to-back weekends in Winnipeg.

“Conservatives are the only tough on crime Party and I am the only tough on crime candidate in this election.” Javier concluded.