Iconic Philippine jeepneys back on the streets after many months of stoppage

Thousands of the iconic Philippine Jeepneys are back to the street in the Metro Manila and in some provinces to address the needs of common transportation to the public.

But there are hundreds of jeepneys that are not allowed due to the non-compliance of the protocol to make their vehicles safe from spreading the coronavirus. Some have to wait to ply the city streets unless the precautionary measures are followed.

“Paano na ang aming buhay, wala na kaming makain,” said one of the frustrated driver.

The permission by the Department of Transportation to let the jeepneys help in transporting the many passengers was the result of the study that after the buses, the modern jeepneys and the SUV could not solve the needs of more transportation.

Some of the reasons why the iconic jeepneys are the last to be given permission include the danger of spreading the virus and the source of pollution.

More jeepneys are being held unless the Department of Health protocol is fully addressed for the safety of the riding public.