Thousands of Local Stranded Individuals (LSIs) are heading to their hometowns

Thousands of Local Stranded Individuals (LSIs) are heading to their hometowns

When President Rodrigo Roa Duterte found out the hardships of thousands of the local stranded Individuals in Metro Manila, he immediately instructed all the agencies to help them go back to their hometown.

“They are suffering and we must do something about this problem. Most of them have no decent sleeping areas, especially those pregnant women and seniors who are standing and waiting for the possible trip back to their hometown,” Duterte commented in one of his briefings with his officials.

As his instructions, all spaces available in NAIA especially those establishments like restaurant, lounges and other open areas must be open and move all the LSIs to have a better place to stay before they move to their provinces.

DOTR Secretary Art Tugade led by providing all amenities including food for the local stranded individuals who were staying night and day in some areas near the airport, subject to bad weather and non-availability of chairs and other basic needs.

The LSIs are transferred to their hometown by planes, by ship and other means of transportation.

One of the officials announced that only those with tickets should go to the airport to avoid overcrowding due to massive turn-out of LSIs when they learned about the possible return to their hometown, after many months in Metro Manila because of the coronavirus.