Healing deepens faith in God

Healing deepens faith in God

With three long lines of devotees, men and women and child, the quiet cadence of their footsteps leads to the altar where four Catholic priests touch the forehead with a sign of the cross and then place their hands on top of the heads, the ritual of healing commences.

As the devotee approaches in front of the altar, leading to the priest, in a single file and with the assistance of parish volunteers, hope for heavenly cure has become the ulterior motive, thus, faith to be healed deepens faith in God.

This has been the solemn healing rites going on after the mass to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Mass For Healing at St. Peters Catholic Church lately. There were four Catholic priests administering the healing rites as individual devotee, with fervent wish for healing, receives the blessing. In few cases, the devotee falls in front of the priest, but with the help of the parish volunteers the devotee is safe from any physical harm.
“Every time that there is a healing rites, I do come and get the blessing, and ask the Lord to heal my pain because of impurities, because of my ailing body, and I do feel blessed.” said by one of the lady devotees who had been in the line.

“I come here to recharge my faith,” a man devotee said. “And I feel good, spiritually invigorated, and I believe that this healing rites has been giving me strength and strong faith in God.”

Pray for Healing Ministry is chaired by Cora de los Reyes with great help from her committee members, Josie Concepcion, Msgr. Samson, St. Peter Catholic Church Parish Priest and Marie Guerrero.

A potluck dinner followed the healing mass.

Photos by Rod E. Cantiveros | Filipino Journal