Glamour & Glitz ‘til 4am

Glamour & Glitz ‘til 4am

Story and photos by Tia Provici

PROVICI enjoyed the privilege of being contacted by agents throughout Canada to style nominees, back up singers, music legends and Canadian celebrities for this year’s Juno Awards in Winnipeg.

It was also gratifying to have Fairmont recognize PROVICI as being their go-to recommendation for looking sensational on the red carpet. Our team worked hard to ensure all the celebs received the “Juno goes to…” look.

And when the work was done, we partied with the music industry’s finest! Check out these pics from the Gibson and the Warner parties, both amazing, at the wonderful Hermano’s Restaurant in the Exchange.

Getting up close and personal with a few of this country’s most celebrated musicians was a thrill, a wonderful networking opportunity and fabulously enlightening.