Four Tips to Focus Your Job Search

Four Tips to Focus Your Job Search

By Jonathan Bauer

If you’re looking for a job, congratulations on taking the next step to achieve your goals! You may be finding that the job search process is more of a marathon than a sprint. To be successful, job seekers need to stay resilient and optimistic as they follow leads and network to find the job that supports their career growth.

These four tips can help you to stay positive and focused during your job search:

1. Start with 100. Job seekers are most productive when they search from a list of 100 companies that hire candidates with their skills. Instead of applying for just one job and hoping for a positive result, make a list of up to 100 companies and apply to all of them. Working through your list will keep you focused on making new connections every day.

2. Ensure your skills match company expectations. Pay close attention to the requirements in job descriptions in order to find openings that fit your skills and experience. For example, if a company is looking for an individual with five years of experience, they will rarely consider someone who is new to the industry. Applying to jobs that are a good fit helps you to use your resources wisely.

3. Understand how companies hire and promote. Companies hire external candidates every day; however, some positions are also open to applications from internal candidates. Because internal candidates understand the organization’s culture and expectations, they may be in a better position to get the promotion or transfer. Recruiters from large organizations in Manitoba advise job seekers to “get their foot in the door.” This involves applying to a job that’s related to your background, and then, once you’re hired, applying for your dream position as an internal candidate.

4. Join a job search club. Meeting with like-minded individuals on a weekly basis can help you build resiliency and stay focused on achieving your goals. Finding employment can take over 16 weeks, and even the most focused individuals who invest eight hours daily in researching, networking, and applying for relevant jobs need support to stay focused. Having a mentor or coach who can give you feedback on your resumé and interview skills can also help you to be productive and achieve success in the best possible time frame. For example, Manitoba Start offers free career planning and employment preparation services to new immigrants.

Be confident about the skills and experience you have to offer an employer. Make a plan for your job search and then stick to your plan. Connect with others who understand your experience and don’t be afraid to reach out for support. These steps will help you to push past any challenges and be successful in your job search.

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