The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone

How to hire friends as vendors
A pinay’s guide to getting hitched

Here’s my friendship policy: the more, the merrier.

Having close friends in most places has plenty of perks, especially if you have particularly talented ones.

Brides and grooms, take a moment and mentally list off all the vendors you still need to hire for your wedding. Looking for a photographer? Baker? DJ?
Chances are, you may know a few skilled individuals who are happy to offer their services for your big day. The question is, do you really want them to be a part of it?

The answer should be simple, but there are a few things to think about when hiring your nearest and dearest. Before you jump the gun and reach out to your inner circle, ask yourself the following questions:

•Do you want them working at your wedding? Maybe Tito Boy, who’s a phenomenal photographer, seems like an obvious choice. But if he’s close enough to you, would you rather he sit back and enjoy the day instead of slaving over it? Relatives will sometimes offer great rates, but consider giving them a break if their presence is more important to you.

•Can you kiss in front of your friend’s camera? Couples either feel at ease or freeze in front of their friends. If you plan on hiring someone close to take photos or videos of your engagement and wedding, figure out if you can easily separate your business and personal relationships.

•Do you feel comfortable negotiating a price with them? The hope is that good friends will help you out where they can, financially speaking. However, this isn’t always the case, and it may get a touch awkward trying haggle with one of your besties. Try testing your comfort level first before promising them your business.

•Are you confident enough to enforce deadlines? Vendors will promise to have projects completed by a certain date, but sometimes feel a little lax when the final product is for a friend. It’s important to remember you’re a paying client and deserve to reap the benefits of one, and that may mean asking to have your video turned around in six months instead of a year.

Jackie is a communications, graphic design and event planning professional in Winnipeg. Follow her at @jackiedwild on Twitter or Instagram!