Four couples fly to the tropics for charity mission

Four couples fly to the tropics for charity mission

With so much blessings which they are receiving, sharing with less fortunate becomes a passion!

At the middle of winter, many travelers escape the frigid winter of the Prairie and jet their way into the sunny Florida; or to the exotic Caribbean islands or to the lure of the magical kingdom of Disney or to spend time and money to the Sin City of Las Vegas; or if your are a Filipino-Canadian, you will visit the Philippines to enjoy the company of relatives and friends and let loose your ways to frolic on the white beaches of Boracay or El Nido, Palawan!

But there is a big exception when these four couples from Winnipeg flew to the Philippines at the middle of winter! To frolic into the Boracay or El Nido white beaches? Or to Pagudpud or enjoy the cultural festival and savour the food at the river at Villa Escudero? Nope! Not a chance.

Romy and Chie Ominga, Mario and Myra Rosario, Danny and Remy Amoyo, and Jun and Vivian David, four young couples flew to the tropical Philippines and they answered the call of charity by helping the less fortunate in Batangas, Aurora, Vigan Ilocos Sur and probably, to go to Samar or Leyte to distribute goods to the Haiyan victims.

This is the 5th year of charitable work by the officers and members of the Association of Ilocanos in Manitoba (AIM). Many fundraising events have been conducted to raise money for this charitable cause. And also personal contribution is added to the fund.

“This is our first time to see personally the distribution of goods and we are excited to meet the families, and their children and share with them the blessings which we have been receiving here in Winnipeg. We have so much for sharing,” Myra Rosario said. Myra, 1st vice-president AIM, shared her views with her husband, Mario who is the immediate past president of AIM

“When Mario and Myra told me that they are leaving for the Philippines to help our kababayans, I immediately told them that we would like to go. I want to experience the “way of giving” to our kababayans who have less in life,” Vivian David, owner/proprietor of Juvian Restaurant and the Noodles House at McPhillip Casino. “Jun and I had plans to visit the Philippines but with this charitable mission, we decided to go and help those people who needed help especially those victims of calamities in the Philippines. Nais kong ma-experience ang pagbibigay ng tulong.” (I want to experience this kind of charitable work.)

Vivian added: “We have to much work orders in our catering business but with this mission by AIM, helping our kababayans became our priority.”

Ahead to travel is Romy Ominga, president of AIM; and his wife, Chie and the group will meet in Manila where they will start their charitable mission. Danny and Remy Amoyo, 2nd vice-president and treasurer of AIM respectively, have been travelling for the past four years to do the distribution of goods and other materials to our kababayans.

With more than PHp400,000 in cash and many boxes of goods which were shipped ahead of their schedule, the Association of Ilocanos in Manitoba has become an important link by personally distribute their donations to the less fortunate recipients.

And this is the best winter holidays ever which they have experienced!