Everyone Get Outside!

Everyone Get Outside!

Okay, there were some bone chilling cold days in January. It was so cold, my cousin from the Philippines sent me a message on Facebook to see if I was ok. She was concerned that all my pictures were of me outside doing stuff. Growing up in Winnipeg, I’ve come to accept its cold during winter. I’ve embraced it.

Yeah it’s cold, so what! Dress the part and you’ll never get cold. I’m particularly excited for the 45th year of Festival du Voyageur. A custom capot was something I’ve always wanted, I wasn’t prepared to cut a HBC Point Blanket. Instead, I wanted to have something totally unique. I took my design idea to a local capot designer. After going through several concept drawings and refinements, I pulled the trigger on a custom made Filipino inspired capot.

A capot is a heavy wool hooded overcoat tied about the waist with a sash (ceinture fléchée). To complete the look, I may use the next year to design a custom wool toque, sash and flannel-lined mittens.

Now in its second year, RAW:almond is the river pop-up restaurant on the Assiniboine at the Forks. The restaurant has been open since Jan. 24 and runs to Feb. 13. The 2014 edition features a larger community dining table that seats 30 people, a behind-the-kitchen tasting bar for 10 and weekend skate-up brunch service.

In addition, the Forks can also be a great place for everyone to learn how to skate, especially new immigrants. Just bring some cash for skate rentals.

Photos by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal