Dress Warm, Dress Right: Essential Guide to Dressing for Indoor Ice Skating Lessons

We have about 45 kids hitting the ice at Seven Oaks in a couple weeks for the Tots & Youth Learn to Skate program. Lots of DMs from parents on how they should dress their kids.

Remember a cold kid isn’t a happy kid. It’s essential to dress warm and right. Here’s a quick guide for parents new to skating lessons:

Checklist for Skating:
Long-sleeved top or thick sweater.
Snowsuit or water-resistant snow pants for added warmth and protection.
Fleece jacket or hoodie as an outer layer.
Mittens or gloves to keep fingers cozy.
Thin socks (helps the skate fit well).
A protective helmet.
Hockey or Figure skates

Dressing Tips:
Layering: Keeps you insulated. Start with a base, add a mid-layer (like fleece), and finish with a waterproof top layer.
For Children: A snowsuit is best. They’re likely to fall, and the cushioning protects and keeps them warm.
Accessories: Prioritize a good-quality helmet. For hands, mittens are warmer than gloves. Thin socks are better for a snug skate fit.
Remember, the goal is to stay warm, protected, and enjoy your time on the ice. Happy skating!