Dalagitas: A Debutante Project

Alliah Ramirez- Gold Scholarship Winner, Dalagita 2017

Alliah Ramirez is a 11th grade student who is passionate about being a learner, to become knowledgeable and wise about your surroundings, as well as understanding your own identity and strengths. She feels most confident when she achieves her goals and leaves a positive impact on others. She joined Dalagita to have an opportunity to feel a sense of pride and come to an understanding of her role as a young Filipina in Canada.

Jelynn Dela Cruz- Silver Award

Jelynn Dela Cruz is a 12th grade student whose goal is to get past her introversion to contribute more to the community the way she envisions herself to. She believes in allowing people to be heard and to tell their own stories, speaking without bias. Through Dalagita, she has connected with other Filipino youth from different walks of life, but with the same mindset. She is excited for what the future holds for her, and her fellow Dalagitas.

Dianne Gutierrez- Bronze Award

Dianne Gutierrez is a 12th grade student who loves working with children and hopes to be an educator in her future. She believes the best part of working with kids is being a positive role model for others, and she feels most confident when she surrounds herself with positivity. Dalagita has given her a chance to get past being shy by meeting other strong leaders in Winnipeg. She considers her fellow Dalagitas as her family.

Mimi Aiello- Bronze Award and voted Miss Congeniality

Mimi Aiello is a 10th grade student who is most passionate about being a kind to others. She feels the most confident when she expresses herself through dancing. Dalagita is her way to challenge herself to get beyond being shy and to share her ideas out loud with others. The most rewarding part of this experience is how she has seen her own growth and changes in her confidence.

Photos by Henry Balanial