DALAGITA 2018: 2nd Annual Scholarship Night

DALAGITA 2018:  2nd Annual Scholarship Night

On May 26th, 2018, Dalagita by Culture Card was proud to have hosted its 2nd annual Scholarship Gala in partnership with the Fairmont hotel in Winnipeg.

Dalagita is a celebration of the Filipino community through food, music and dance while encouraging and developing the upcoming generation of young leaders.

“Dalagita” is a Tagalog word for “young girl” and is the final celebration of our youth (ages 16-18) as they take the stage in their Filipiniana-inspired couture to have their voices heard. Our Dalagitas earn scholarships through a public speaking contest, using skills and techniques they’ve learned through their journey. This year’s Dalagitas are Aira Villanueva, Bianca Bayona, Jae Colado, Joyze Colada, and Louise Mangali.

Contestants participate in monthly Master Classes learning from panelists of strong community leaders before getting involved not only with the Filipino community but with other city-wide organizations to promote networking, health, cultural values, female empowerment, and community well-being.

To broaden our impact and truly make our difference, we open most Master Classes to the public and keep them free of charge so people of any age, culture, gender can learn alongside us about key topics that we feel are important to be discussed!

Photos by Geraldine Ong and Nelson Noni Manalili