Crowning of OFSAM Queen 2015 Ms. Lorie Fernandez marks the 38th Anniversary Celebration of the Original Filipino Senior Association of Manitoba

Crowning of OFSAM Queen 2015 Ms. Lorie Fernandez marks the 38th Anniversary Celebration of the Original Filipino Senior Association of Manitoba

The Original Filipino Seniors Association of Manitoba (OFSAM) celebrated its 38th anniversary when Ms. Lorie Fernandez was crowned as the OFSAM Queen of 2015 at the Viscount Gort Hotel recently.

It was a night of joy and recognition of all the officers and members of OFSAM led by Ms. Letty Duque Antonio, the current president who gave warm greetings and cordial acknowledgement, a time to appreciate and thanks for all the hard works by those who were involved in the celebration.

Zeny Calimlim, OFSAM Queen 2014 sang the Philippine National Anthem and Oh Canada; while Clarita Nazario, vice-president gave the invocation. As part of the entertainment, Paul Kevin Ong performed to the delight of the guests.

During the celebrations, the OFSAM title holders of previous years were presented: Valentine Queens, in red and white; Mothers of the Year, in green and white; gentlemen of OFSAM, in barong tagalog; and the First Grandparents of 2015- Letty Antonio, in blue and white.

OFSAM Queen of 2014 Mila Briol and Zeny Calimlim, winner of Mrs. Philippines-Luzon 2014, with 2014 Ms. Friendship Valerie Herbert; Ms.Charity, Amy Precioso were also presented.

After a special program, OFSAM officers and members welcomed the 2015 OFSAM Queen Ms. Lorie Fernandez and escorted by her son, Joseph Fernandez.

Ms. Lorie Fernandez OFSAM Queen 2015, wearing a national flag gown,was showered with honors, accolades and gifts: corsage, Carrie de la Cruz; Sash, Councilor Cindy Gilroy and Ms. Aida Champagne, president of MFSF and Filipino Senior Group; crown, Mila Briol and Zeny Calimlim escorted by MP Kevin Lamoureuz and MP Robert Falcon Ouellette; bouquet, Minister For Marclino escorted by Honorary Consul General Orli Marceilino; trophy was handed to the OFSAM Queen by Larry and Tova Vickar of Vickar Autogroup Inc.; gifts were handed by Norma Intac, Flordeliza Rembon, Valerie Herbert. Tess Newtown offered the bouquet escorted by Tony Antonio.

Special dance by OFSAM Queen Lorie Fernandez with her son, Joseph as her 1st partner; followed by MP Kevin Lamoureux, MP Robert Falcon Ouellette, Florencio “Tony” Antonio, Cesar Fronda, Emilio Briol, Pablo Cuaresma, and other Lorie’s sons: Art Fernandez, Rolando de la Rosa, and grandsons, Kit Fernandez, AC Fernandez and Earl Tan.

MP Kevin Lamoureux and MP Robert Falcon Ouellette gave inspirational talks, and Clarita Nazario gave a Philippiine jacket to MP Robert Falcon Ouellette. Florencio “Tony” Antonio gave the closing remarks. Rod Escobar Cantiveros, emcee.

Special thanks to our guests, performers and to PGM, AIM, FILCASA, Bulacan Assn. QPAM, Lupao, Batangas Association, Dimples Beauty Salon and the Dance Group of Cesar de la Cruz, Dance Group of McPhillips Casino, PHCM, McCCFA. Filcan Arts Council and FCTPAM.