Cavalia, Odysseo, 2018 edition, a horsical bravura…

Cavalia, Odysseo, 2018 edition, a horsical bravura…

A hegemonic show not to be missed!

Review by Rod E. Cantiveros

For a two-hour genuine theatrical experience, watching a delightful theatrical experience of combined creative and visceral aerobatics of horsepower and manpower, blended into an engaging horsical bravura, I was totally immersed into the unlimited wonders of Cavalia, Odysseo, 2018 edition.

I love horses, not because I was born under the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse, but because the sleekness, the gentleness aura of this four-legged artists, capturing a poetic movement; and living artists, from the different countries and performing as acrobats, aerialists, dancers and riders whose performances are at the highest creative gears, leading to the standing ovation of the awestruck audience and consequently followed by curtain calls!
This hegemonic show is a must-see, as if it were the lordship of all other shows!

Upon entering the 125-foot tall White Big Top, as if a mystical castle from afar, one would be transported into a labyrinth of eternal joy and never-to-forget experiential journey, immersing yourself into an unlimited wonders: from the misty-enchanted forest where the four-legged artists cavort under the kaleidoscopic backdrop of nature’s wonder, from the African desert and savanna, to the vastness of the American Southwest, to the mystical Northern Lights and magical ice crystals and the mysterious Easter Islands and down to the greenery of the meadow and the finale, a magical flow of water, creating a luscious lake.

Maria Aragon, a young Filipino of the Lady Gaga fame, rendered some songs with a melodious modulated voice, a class act to enliven the show. The costumes have rare beauties woven into colorful visual presence; and the musical rendition has added to the exaltation of the movements and rhythm of the show. Both the equine performers and the living human artists have shown their artistic and creative qualities.

Maria Aragon was invited as a local Winnipeg artist to be part of Cavalia Odysseo and had to learn the Italian songs and lyrics fairly quickly. She credits her knowledge of Tagalog that helped her pickup learning the Italian songs.

Part of Maria’s favourite experiences so far with Cavalia include the daily interactions with the horses, especially one horse named Zurich during the opening sequence of the show. “Being in the show has taught me how calm and caring the animals are,” as Maria shared how Zurich licked her face during the opening week of Cavalia.

As their colorful and informative souvenir book states: “Odysseo is a two-hour dream that will move the heart and touch the soul.”

And as for me, Odysseo is a dreamland where beauty is enshrined and waking up, the wonders of experiential journey has embedded into my heart; and has added colour into my soul!

To miss this show is to miss almost a half of your life’s journey of creative pursuits!

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