Caring de la Cruz celebrates 75!

Caring de la Cruz celebrates 75!

Young at heart, young in looks, Caring de la Cruz celebrated her 75 birthday with her family and friends at the Victoria Inn.

Surprised party as it was plan, the celebration was a gathering full of joy and happiness as Caring welcomes her children, in-laws, grandchildren, colleagues and associates of the Original Filipino Seniors Association of Manitoba, friends and relatives, as shown in the various poses during the family photo opportunity.

Ala-masquerade affair, the guests had to wear colorful masks as to surprise other guests. Masks were provided to the guests as they approached the table where list of the guests could be found.

It was a great night to celebrate how life is being lived to the fullest with family members and friends.

Dancing followed and the night came close and guests could hardly say goodnite, for the celebration went on, and on.

Caring thanked her family and friends for being with her, a sign of love and care.

Photos by John Louie Bautista