Brian Pallister leads the surging tide of change for a much better Manitoba

Brian Pallister leads the surging tide of change for a much better Manitoba

Brian Pallister becomes the 22nd Premiere of Manitoba, making a historic win which is considered the biggest upset in the political history ever recorded in the changing political landscape of Manitoba.

Progressive Conservatives easily won the whopping 41 seats while NDP under Greg Salinger ended the 16 years of NDP fatigue with a meager 13 seats and the Liberal got 3

“Manitoba is not a have-not province, it is a have province waiting to happen” Pallister said amid the jubilant crowd of supporters at the Canad Inn.

Pallister outlined all the promises made during the campaign, making the return of the 7% sales tax from 8% which was implemented by the NDP under the leadership of Premiere Greg Salinger.

“Manitobans have the right to vote on any major tax increases,” Pallister said.

=Others platforms include: to reduce the cabinet by 1/3; to abolish subsidy to political parties; to initiate several studies and reviews to lessen health care waits and to address the emergency room waiting times; and look for waste within the government; the improve the performance of the students in their educational pursuit; and to find ways to re-energize the provincial nominee program.

Several NDP ministers were defeated and the Tories easily captured the seats from some of the former NDP strong hold in Central, Eastern and Western Manitoba,including Brandon.

“Unbelievable this things happened,” a PC supporter said while looking at the numbers of NDP cabinet ministers who lost their jobs by the Tory swept into power with a mega-majority.

Jon Reyes, the first Filipino born in Winnipeg and the first president of the Manitoba Filipino Council of Manitoba, won handily at St. Norbert, knocking out NDP Dave Gaudreau; while Flor Marcelino and Ted Marcelino, both NDP , were re-elected. Aida Champagne, a Liberal candidate in Tyndall, needs a second try.

“We are happy that Jon Reyes won and we are looking forward for his major role in this government,”said one of Jon Reyes’ volunteer. Jon Reyes is well-known for his inclusiveness, his passionate in helping others and his firm commitment to ideals of good governance.

Premiere Greg Salinger announced his resignation Tuesday night while Liberal leader Rana Bokhari did not make any announcement of resignation.

Photos by Star Roxas, Bryan Mesias, Alfred Gaddi, Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal