Bomber Season Is Here!

Bomber Season Is Here!

The Filipino Journal takes on Blue Bomber Media Skills Challenge

The Filipino Journal was invited to take part in the Blue Bomber Media Skills challenge prior to opening of Blue Bomber training camp at Canad Inns Stadium. There were several challenges and over 12 media teams were put through the paces.

How fast is your 40? The Blue Bombers put us to the test! Winnipeg Blue Bomber alumni, Lamar McGriggs smoked all of us and he was jogging. Lamar, fast. Winnipeg media, not so much.

Our team had the most fun at three of the seven skills competitions: the running back drill, receiver catching drill and the team obstacle course. The linebacker, quarterback, kicking and snapping drills were great but not as hilarious to watch.

In the running back drill, we were timed as we hit defenders on a short bump and run course towards the endzone. We have video of Buzz and Boomer stuffing us on the goal line.

In the wide receiver drill, it was hillarious as we watched the ladies attempt to catch footballs aimed towards your head. My crowning glory was my one-handed catch that eventually earned the “Sticky Hands” award. I have to thank Jon Reyes for brining gloves worn by BC Lions Geroy Simon. The video of the catch is on our website. It’s pretty awesome.

Last but not least, the obstacle course relay was a complete team effort as we jumped, shuffled, tackled and flew over pylons, bags and tackle props.
On the Filipino Journal media team, we had Kristin Macaraeg, Marlo Boux, Jon Reyes and myself. Our cheerleading team, consisting of Jackie Doming and Kristine Daaca also particpated in the skills challenge.

The Filipino Journal is happy to announce that Filipino Nights is coming back for 2012. Our Filipino Nights 2012 launch is going to be on Thursday, June 28th at the Bomber Store.

In other news, which you may have already heard, the Bombers will play all 2012 games at Canad Inns Stadium as construction delays at Investors Group Field have postponed its opening to the start of the 2013 season.

Go Bombers Go!