Manny Pacquiao and Jessica Sanchez: two ambassadors who have brought pride and international recognitions to the Filipinos!

Manny Pacquiao and Jessica Sanchez: two ambassadors who have brought pride and international recognitions to the Filipinos!

Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley by a split decision!

The negative reactions became ballistic and swift when Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley in the recently boxing bout for welterweight championship at MGM Last Vegas.

From the internet facebook, twitter and other internet chatterboxes, to the newspaper columnists and radio commentators, and to the people and boxing fans in pubs, bars, on the streets and homes, the comments and analysis have becomeso viral, so instant, and so negative after Manny Pacquiao “a.k.a. Pacman” an international boxing champion lost to Timothy Bradley, the challenger.

The fans of Pacquiao, especially, his kababayans did not accept the verdict meted by the three judges who according to the multitude of people, the judges acted on an alleged “mafia machination”. In reality, the whole boxing afficionado claimed that the final decision was tainted. “We were robbed!”, “We were cheated!” “Those judges were gay! and reacted on what Manny Pacquiao’s minsinterpreted comments on gays and lesbians. Or the judges were allegedly paid to make this kind of decision against Pacquiao. And even Paquiao himself, after the bout, he said: “I knew that I am the winner, but we have to respect the decision of the judges.” At the beginning of the post-bout interview, Manny Pacquiao said with a thrifty smile: “This is why we love boxing.”

At MGM, after announcing that Timothy Bradley was the winner, his wife, was surprisingly jubilant as she hugged some of her loved ones. It was a reaction of an unexpected result! And on the other side, Jinky was so quiet, not sobbing, just her face was looking at a blankspace. And on the ring, the manager, the trainer, the “sidekicks” of Timothy Bradley were all celebrating to the surprised announcement. And from the audience, a bombastic booo dominated the air. And the fans of Manny Pacquiao had become frustrated and had reacted negatively to the result of the 12-round fight.

Losing to Timothy Bradley seems to be next to impossible. Our icon boxer is winnable as shown by many fights he had for many years since 2005. Never been defeated.And the international media and aficionados had branded him as the only boxer who has the speed of pound by pound style on the right. He became the best ambassador of the Philippines. He is so simple. So happy-go-lucky. And has become the role model of the young Filipinos to have a big dream. He had become an international sensation; and thus, monetary wise, he has become of the one wealthiest Filipino in the Philippines; and one of the wealthiest sportsman in the world. Pacquiao can stand side by side by multimillionaires sports icon like Tiger Wood and Michael Jordan. Added to this, he is politician. As he finally concluded in his post-bout interview: “I have to thank God for the strength he gave me; and for the supports of the fans, and to the media who are responsible to put my name on top of the boxing world.”

With this losing to Timothy Bradley some boxing sport writers and followers would speculate: “Is this the sign of Manny Pacquiao’s retiring from boxing?”
At the conference after the fight, Manny Pacquiao was still relax and with that “matipid” smile. “We will have a rematch.” And even Timothy Bradley said: “Yes, the rematch is final. It will be on November 10, this year at MGM, Las Vegas.

And thus, the excitements for a rematch continue to surge; and the money continues to pour.

Jessica Sanchez lost to Phillips Phillips at the recently concluded 11th season of American Idol!

And the negative reactions of our kababayan are also swift and terse: “Mind you, no Filipino will ever win in this white dominated singing contest, kaya kung ako, hindi na ako sasali. Mapu-frustrate ka lang?”

Is this true?
Filipinos, almost entirely, praised the exemplary singing talent of Jessica Sanchez, half Pinoy/half Mexican. Every episode of the American Idol millions of fans had all the positive comments on her.

Even President Noynoy Aquino has so much interest when he met her; and so many Philippine managers have already plans for her concerts in Manila. And in one night of elimination, Jessica Sanchez was one of the 3 at the bottom; but thru the intervention of the judges, like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica was saved for the elimination. And this added to the strength of Jessica Sanchez, as aided by Tyler, that Jessica would be the winner for this year’s American Idol.
But it did not happen. And on the finale of the American Idol, Phillips Phillips was declared winner! The American Idol winner for 2012! And Jessica Sanchez landed as a runner-up! And Jessica Sanchez followed the footstep of Mia Tegia and Jasmine Trias, who did the best to capture the title but it did not materialize. And thus, the claim that no Filipino singer would win, is just a comment of frustration. Again, to lose in this international singing contest, is not acceptable to our kababayan. We would our “manok” to be the winner.

How do you equate the losing streaks of our talented kababayans in the two international events to our attitude of not accepting the verdict?
In our every day life, we do face many challenges and trials. Some had resulted to a success; but others had succumbed to a total failure. We are living in a world of many chances or even, we have to resort to the “pustahan” challenge.

“Why do you react so negatively on the Pacquiao’s lost?” Our kababayan answered: ” If you were watching the match, you would see that Pacquiao got most of the rounds. He was the world renown pound by pound boxer and he did what the people were expecting for him to win…and then, he lost? “Pacquiao was cheated, Filipinos were cheated.”

And why do you react on Jessica’s lost? “Jessica is Filipino, hindi siya mananalo! Walang Pinoy na mananalo sa American Idol!, oh, magpustahan tayo.”
It is a natural reaction to this losing game. We do associate ourselves to the trials and challenges of our kababayans. Whenever there is a kababayan who has reached a pinnacle of success, it has become our mantra!

For us, the successes of Pacquiao and Jessica are also successes of the Filipinos in the Philippines and in the whole world.

With the success of our two kababayans, we are elevated to a certain degree of pride and international recognition…and it is too natural to make such negative reactions. With these two well-known celebrities in sports and in entertainment, their active participations serve as our inspiration. We have to be driven with ambitions. Wika nga, dream big!

And we Filipinos have all the opportunities to shine, be it in a beauty contest (Pinoy’s obsession), or in a singing contest, or in billiard or pool; and in boxing!

And you had noticed, both Manny Pacquiao and Jessica Sanchez had the sweet smiles of success in spite of the unexpected results.

Losing is a part of a game. And winning is an ultimate gift.

Yes, kababayans, there are pots of gold at the end of the rainbow!